Nanjing Wanda Realm Hotel

Nanjing Wanda Realm Hotel is located at 59 Zhongshan Road, closes to the government of Jiangning district and Jiangning Economic and Technological Development zone, offers easy access to attractions and transportation links.
Featuring luxurious decorations,Nanjing Wanda Realm Hotel all rooms here are equipped with domestic direct-dial telephone, international direct-dial telephone, satellite television, television, electric kettle. Baggage storage and safe deposit box can be found at 24-hour front desk. Free wi-fi and free parking lot are also available.
Opened in 2013, the 19-story Nanjing Wanda Realm Hotel houses 302 guest rooms and suites.

Brand: WANDA Hotels & Resorts

Time gives birth to life, and time also sculptures life.
Space carries life, and space also changes life.
Such life is the soul with which Wanda endows its painting works. Paint as a representative of craftsmanship and culture came into being before the establishment of the Xia dynasty. With mind as the brush and paint as the pigment and drawing upon the inheritance and innovation of additional Chinese painting, Wanda vividly depicts in The Ancient Rhyme of Chengdu the great prosperity and cultural traditions of the city of Chengdu over 1,000 years since North Song. Meanwhile, Chengdu’s pride as a paint art center in the world since the Han Dynasty is also highlighted in the work. Another painting, entitled Butterflies Linger Over Chengdu, refines the city into a giant flower, with alternate gold and silver lines and pink entwined with green. The work renders Butterflies over Flowers, a lyrics name originated in the prime Tang Dynasty, into unique paintings which correspond to "golden thread", “bead curtain roll” and “phoenix dwells on Chinese parasol tree” of the lyric namesake, giving viewers a real eye-opener to Chengdu’s grace and fashion today.


  • 814BBCB743D71EE8:抱着睡着的娃办理入住,前台一位漂亮女生免费帮忙升级了房间,非常感谢。没带手机充电器,客户部很快速给送过来。第一次住万达酒店,感觉很不错。房间卫生方便还有进步空间。
  • 会员295122:挺好的,门口的小哥哥也很好呢,离店热情开车门,房间环境也很好
  • 同程会员_66141571EE6:還可以,就房間稍微舊了一點,不過週邊方便,還是ok
  • 会员430004:我对你们陈飞先生的服务很满意,介绍详细,安排周到!很满意!


Nanjing Wanda Realm Hotel

  • Address :  No. 59 Zhushan Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing, China

  • Reserve :  008620-8600 9099 (CouponCode:12951)
    Busy or no answer, online booking please!

  • Foreground Tel: 025-52838888
      (Catering Entertainment)

Nanjing Wanda Realm Hotel reserve:020-86009099 (CouponCode:12951) Busy or no answer, online booking please!
Catering Entertainment:025-52838888   Meeting room reserve

Nanjing Wanda Realm Hotel address: No. 59 Zhushan Road, Jiangning District, Nanjing, China

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